Do you know if or when you need spine surgery?

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Many people have questions to consider before pursuing spine surgery. Is surgery necessary to treat the issue or are non-surgical approaches more appropriate?
If surgery is required, which is better, traditional spine surgery or minimally invasive spine surgery?
At ALIGN SPINE CENTER, Eric Lin, MD, and Raed Ali, MD are Board Certified, Fellowship Trained, Orthopaedic Spine Surgeons with Office Locations in Fullerton, CA, and Irvine, CA. ALIGN SPINE CENTER is an experienced group, comprised of physicians and mid-level providers with complementary specialities that allow for a more comprehensive approach to patient care.
Do you know when you need spine surgery?
The only two things that prove to help a patient who is experiencing spinal problems are time and surgery. Everything else is used to manage the symptoms while your body corrects them naturally. If your body does not fix it, surgery often becomes a good option.
Many patients with spine problems can be treated non-surgically. Physical therapy, home exercises, medication, and many times spinal injections are recommended before considering surgery. If the problem still isn’t resolved, then spine surgery may be a reasonable alternative in many situations. Consulting with an experienced spine surgeon is useful way of evaluating options for treatment of your neck or back spine condition. Whether it is pain, numbness, weakness or a combination of symptoms, evaluation is the appropriate first step.
If someone does have compression of their spinal cord, they may present with more significant weakness in the arms and/or legs and if there is progressive neurologic worsening of these conditions, then often we would advise them to have surgery directly.
There are many types of non-surgical and surgical spine treatments provided at Align Spine Center by Eric Lin, MD, and Raed Ali, MD in Orange County, CA with Office Locations in Fullerton, CA, and Irvine, CA.
• Lumbar Spine Surgery
• Cervical Spine Surgery
• Scoliosis Surgery
• Microscopic spine surgery
• Endoscopic spine surgery
• Kyphoplasty for Osteoporosis Related Spine Fractures
There are many questions to consider before performing spinal surgery. Is surgery necessary to treat the problem or would a non-surgical method be more appropriate? If surgery is required, is it better to perform traditional spine surgery or minimally invasive spine surgery?
What is minimally invasive spine surgery and how is it dissimilar from spine surgery?
Many people do not understand the major dire performing spine surgery and how Align Spine Center is situated to give a wide range of spinal care treatment options.


Dr. Lin performed surgery on my back. I am completely PAIN FREE now and owe it all to him! His entire office are very professional, kind, and go out of their way to make their patients feel comfortable.

Daune A.

Dr. Ali has preformed 2 back surgeries on me. I feel so much better! He is absolutely the best back surgeon I have ever seen. Fantastic bed side manner and amazing staff. Thank you Dr. Ali!

Cher P.

I would highly recommend Dr. Lin.  I had surgery about 10 months ago and all the pain I was in before is gone.  I am able to be physically active again without any of the pain I had for 20 years.

Jason G.

Dr. Ali is a awesome doctor and I recommend his services for spine surgery. I had spinal surgery on 9/9/19, I’m healing nicely & feel great. Dr. Ali is the doctor to choose if you need a doctor for any kind of back problem.

Donna W.

I chose Dr. Lin because he had done my wife’s back surgery approximately 10 years ago, & it was VERY successful. I knew IMMEDIATELY (after surgery) that he had fixed the problem!

Phil D.

What a blessing it is to have been led by our Lord to see Dr Eric Lin. My surgery was a complete success!!! I would highly recommend him to anyone with spinal disc problems and even surgery.

Barbara H.