Patient Resources

Welcome to Align Spine Center. We understand that visiting you doctor may not be on the list of your favorite things to do. At ASC, we want to change how you feel about visiting your physician by making things as easy and as seamless as possible for our patients. We have done our best to gather some resources for our patients to make your visit to our office that much more pleasant. You can click on any of the areas below to access some of those valuable patient resources:
[hr] [promotion_text button_text=”Learn More” button_link=”” sub_text=”” ] Your First Appointment [/promotion_text] Welcome to our practice. We intend to provide you with the care and service that you expect and deserve. As a specialty practice, we work closely with your primary care doctor/family doctor to help you achieve your best possible health. Reaching this goal requires a “partnership” between you and your doctors. As our “partner in health,” we ask for your help to have the best experience possible. Here is some information on how you can be an active participant.

[hr] [promotion_text button_text=”Learn More” button_link=”” sub_text=”” ] HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices [/promotion_text] We know your privacy is of utmost importance to you. In our Notice of Privacy Practices we share with you what records we maintain, your rights in regards to your health information, as well as discuss the instances in which we may appropriately disclose your health information.

[hr] [promotion_text button_text=”Learn More” button_link=”” sub_text=”” ] Frequently Asked Questions [/promotion_text] We have asked our physicians some commonly asked patient questions and they have answered. You may be asking yourself the very same questions as other patients. Check out what they have to say about common types of Orthopaedic conditions, how to pick the right surgeon if you end up needing one, what kind of treatments are used to manage pain, as well as many other inquiries.

[hr] [promotion_text button_text=”Learn More” button_link=”” sub_text=”” ] Testimonials [/promotion_text] One way to choose a service provider is to hear what others in the community have to say about their experience with that provider. We have collected a small group of patients and asked them to share their experiences with the Spine and Pain Institute of Orange County.

[hr] [promotion_text button_text=”Learn More” button_link=”” sub_text=”” ] Patient Surveys [/promotion_text] We are hoping to bring this feature to our patients very soon. In the meantime, please share your experience with us by utilizing our CONTACT US page.

[hr] [promotion_text button_text=”Learn More” button_link=”” sub_text=”” ] Online Bill Pay [/promotion_text] Have you already been to our office and would like to see the status of your billing account? To ensure ease of access, we have set up an online payment portal for our patients. To view account information please have your account number and zip code accessible.