[testimonials_box_style client_name=”Mohamed E.” client_details=”” ] [p] Doctor listens to your concerns very carefully and gives the best resolution right away, he’s very knowledgeable and experienced. Also he cares a lot about his patients.. I would recommend him to my own family and friends for sure! [/p] [/testimonials_box_style]

[testimonials_box_style client_name=”Ing R. C.” client_details=”” ] [p] The physicians at Align Spine Center are very compassionate and knowledgeable about their patient specific needs. I felt very comfortable at their office because their medical staff was professional and non-judgmental. I left confident with their treatments. and reassured because they make themselves available when needed. I would highly recommend ASC to my friends and family. [/p] [/testimonials_box_style]

[testimonials_box_style client_name=”Nancy R.” client_details=”” ] [p] My primary care provider sent me to see Dr. Lin as a referral for anterior cervical discectomy with fusion for ongoing neck pain for two years. Dr. Lin explained my MRI and nerve test clearly.  He explained the surgery using anatomical models, which made it easy to understand that it was meant to relieve nerve root or spinal cord pressure in my neck by removing all or part of a damaged disc. It made my decision easier, and I decided to do physical therapy and pain management first before considering it. He is professional and knowledgeable. Also when I see him for my appointments he’s always on time. He is not pushy to just do surgery. The rooms are large and it accommodates wheel chairs for the disabled patients. [/p] [/testimonials_box_style]

[testimonials_box_style client_name=”Pam S.” client_details=”” ] [p]I had major back surgery in Jan 2017. Dr. Lin was amazing. It was a very difficult surgery and I am happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend Dr. Lin to anyone that needs his expert care!
[/p] [/testimonials_box_style]

[testimonials_box_style client_name=”Your Physicians at Align Spine Center” client_details=”” ] [p]One way to choose a service provider is to hear what others in the community have to say about their experience with that provider. We have collected a small group of patients and asked them to share their experiences with us. We invite you to visit our patient survey page and share your feedback with us as well! [/p] [/testimonials_box_style]