Tips for Spinal Fracture Recovery | Align Spine Center

A spinal fracture is a painful and sometimes life-threatening condition. The spine can be fractured by both trauma and bone-weakening disorders like osteoporosis. A spinal fracture may not always necessitate surgery because the bones may mend independently. Instead, an immobilization corset or brace may be required for several weeks. A cautious approach and a few proactive tactics may aid recuperation and pain reduction. As a result of spinal fractures, people can get some activity. A vertebral fracture may cause the following symptoms:

· Back discomfort that develops unexpectedly

· Standing or walking causes you more pain

· Spine with restricted movement

· Becoming shorter

· The Backache that is becoming stiffer and intensifying

It is time to get back on your feet after being diagnosed with a spinal fracture. It may take longer to recover from back surgery. A back brace and an exercise program may be required during healing. A person with a broken back, on the other hand, should only exercise with the specific permission of their doctor. Typically, a doctor or physiotherapist may prescribe a series of exercises to assist the client in gradually increasing their activity level. During your rehabilitation, use these suggestions.

· During the recovery process, it is important to get some rest.

· Only use the medication if extremely essential.

· Strengthening Through Physical Therapy

· The Use of Cold Therapy

· Support is offered by bracing.


Dr. Lin performed surgery on my back. I am completely PAIN FREE now and owe it all to him! His entire office are very professional, kind, and go out of their way to make their patients feel comfortable.

Daune A.

Dr. Ali has preformed 2 back surgeries on me. I feel so much better! He is absolutely the best back surgeon I have ever seen. Fantastic bed side manner and amazing staff. Thank you Dr. Ali!

Cher P.

I would highly recommend Dr. Lin.  I had surgery about 10 months ago and all the pain I was in before is gone.  I am able to be physically active again without any of the pain I had for 20 years.

Jason G.

Dr. Ali is a awesome doctor and I recommend his services for spine surgery. I had spinal surgery on 9/9/19, I’m healing nicely & feel great. Dr. Ali is the doctor to choose if you need a doctor for any kind of back problem.

Donna W.

I chose Dr. Lin because he had done my wife’s back surgery approximately 10 years ago, & it was VERY successful. I knew IMMEDIATELY (after surgery) that he had fixed the problem!

Phil D.

What a blessing it is to have been led by our Lord to see Dr Eric Lin. My surgery was a complete success!!! I would highly recommend him to anyone with spinal disc problems and even surgery.

Barbara H.